Organization of the Prevention and Protection Service (SPP) at the AdR RM1

In AdR RM1, a secondary headquarter of the  Structure with Specific Relevance “Prevention and Protection Service (SPP)” of the DCSRSI-CNR (SPR SPP-CNR) belonging to the Central Administration is also present.

The staff working in this site provides support to all the AdR RM1 Institutes in defining dangers, assessing the risks associated with environment and work activities, and identifying proper structural and organizational measures for improving preventivon and protection. Another important task is the support in the management of health surveillance.

Moreover, the Service  strictly co-operates with AdR RM1 President and Manager for the specific duty of sanitary surveillance in common spaces (common areas and services, integrated management of emergency, etc.). The support activities to finalize the Risk Assessment of AdR RM1 are coordinated by Eng. Renata Tremaroli.

Dr. Gianluca Sotis, Head of SPR, is the responsible of the overall coordination of all SPR SPP-CNR headquarters, including the one hosted in AdR RM1.

SPR SPP-CNR staff working at ADR RM1 are:

Salvatore Lovello


Francesco Maiuri


Mauro Ragone


Marina Scek


Michele Sciarra


Renata Tremaroli


Contact Phone numbers

Ph. 0690672520 – 0690626906

Fax 0690672522

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