Reveal alla Digital Assembly a Sofia – 25/26 giugno #DA18eu

The CNR ITABC will be presented at the Digital Assembly ( a major annual forum  about the EU digital policy, with two videogames for PS VR, under development within the Reveal project (, “The Chantry” and the demo of the game “A night in the Forum” and a natural interaction vr application developed within the V-Must network, Admotum”.

“The Chantry” is based on a reconstruction of Dr Jenner’s House( at the time of his death in 1823. As the pioneer of smallpox vaccination, Dr. Edward Jenner is considered the father of immunology and responsible for saving millions of lives from a devastating disease shoes effect were felt throughout the world.

The demo of the game “A night in the forum” provides a window into Imperial Roman history, to discover the story of Augustus and the function of the forum in the daily lives of Roman citizens

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Contact :

Sofia Pescarin, Istituto per le Tecnologie applicate ai Beni Culturali (ITABC), Roma Via Salaria Km. 29,300 00015 Monterotondo St. (ROMA), 0690672721,,


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