L-EARTH19, Light and ElectromAgnetic Related TecHnologies

L-EARTH19, Light and ElectromAgnetic Related TecHnologies

16 may 2019, International Day of Light


On   16 may 2019, with a series of seminars devoted to light and to light technologies, in particular addressing young students , the research area of Roma 1 contributes  to the ‘International Day of Light’,  proclaimed by the UNESCO institution (https://www.lightday.org/).

The research community  recognizes  in this  world wide celebration, the way  letting science sensitize people to improve in culture and self confidence, to overcome  cultural barriers, to be part of a global entity that shares values and expectations. For the second year, AdR RM 1 research community greets light science and its powerful applications as vehicles of knowledge and technical progress, and as a focal point of the positive energies that culture and mind bring into play.

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Brochure IDL 2019

Poster IDL 2019

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