The RM1- Montelibretti Research Area (AdR RM1)  is the oldest and largest research area of the Italian National Research Council (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche – CNR) located at approximately 30 km from Rome, in the North-Est region. It currently hosts 17 research Institutes with multidisciplinary character which develop in a total of almost 30000 sqm of technical infrastructures, sharing central services related to administrative, technical, logistic, ICT and health security issues. All common services are managed by the Research Area Central Administration Offices under the supervision of the Area Manager and the Board of Institutes’ Directors.

Besides strictly scientific and technlogical infrastructures, other infrastructures are available such as a Library, (link) built in 1973, collecting scientific books and technical journals, which can provide access to most commonly used scientific data bases, a Conference Hall (View) fully equipped with technologic equipment for the organization of Conferences, Workshops and Seminars (such as video-conference tools), and a Guest House (see Regulation to access), with 20 fully equipped suites.

The research activities are oriented towards the following thematic main areas: Environment, Biology, Agricultur and Food science, Cultural Heritage, Functional Materials, Health and Wellbeing.

Personnel working in the AdR RM1 includes researchers, technicians, technologists, administrators and other collaborators, actively involved in several multidisciplinary scientific projects at national and international level.

Central Services are managed under the supervision of Roberto Sparapani, who is presently the Area Manager.

PRESIDENT OF THE AdR RM1: Giovanna Mancini